WinterMy name is Winter Luc, born May 18, 1985 and I am Haitian. I studied informatique and banking technology. I was studying the telecommunication but the study stopped of financial means. From my childhood, I had the desire to become senator. It was my dream to be able to contribute to the development of my country. With time and watching the politicians of my country, I thought I did not have a good dream until I find myself in community activities. And I said, here is exactly the ideal dream. In 2006, some friends and I were assisted by youths from Cite Soleil with great desire to learn a trade. Since then, we have taken the initiative to create an organization to work in Cite Soleil and have created RAJEPRE. With Rajepre, we found a lot of training and seminars:
• Leadership and Community Engagement
• Entrepreunership
• Education (citizenship, pedagogy if teaching, classroom management) Working – Founder and coordinator of the organization Rajepre  in 2006.
• Founder and teacher Rajepre school
• Member of a network of 260 community organization (COPRODEP) at Cite Soleil, partnering with NGO PADF. I am a secretary 2012 – 2015.
• Volunteer movement KONBIT SOLEY LEVE
• Member of the community (round table) at Haiti Communitere
• Member of the network (wozo ayiti) with FutureGeneration Haiti
• Teacher and volunteer at Project Hope art