Leadership Meeting

Leadership Meeting

A group of young people that I was lucky to be part of came from the diverse areas of Port-au-Prince, Senmak and Gonaives to take the south-east direction of the country in KAY JAKM once again for an ECHANJE KOMINOTS with a team of JulesN who is evolving in the municipality named …Out this one had 2 aspects of it:- ECHANJ KOMINOThab on multiple themes such as: Combit, Community Engagement, Community Leadership, Community Tourism, Leadership Women in Community, Personal and Collective Development…- F TOURIS LOKAL, enjoy visiting discovering resources, tourism wealth this area has. And sold through social media, a way to invite more people to come visit this town and all its resources.We had the chance to exchange discuss 6 topics:1. KONBIT, an important tool in Sustainable development, how? (,)2. ANGAJMAN KOMINOTHOUSE AND JESUS KONFLI, 2 tools to create better development in the community (,)3. The importance of the WOMAN LEADS Oousinon KREYE activities in the benefit of her community (Eurika Jean)4. Importance of TOURIS KOMINOTHOUSE in developing local communities (Gladimy Jean)5. It’s a good LEADERSHIP KOMINOT GREETINGS that can bring change and development to the community (Luc Winter (Luc Rajepre))6. How TRAVAY on your T stomach and ANTOURAJ you can benefit your community (Kettia Denescar)Each topic of discussion has been accompanied by some workshop work, instructive games as simulation that allowed young people to better understand and learn some lessons.And we have our brother, a JointsN ATIS CHANJ GOT of talent left out from Port-au-Prince and us to put musical ambiance together.It was such a great experience missing the rest of our lives, the leadership of Les Amis Du Success Group was unprecedented in how they organised everything to welcome us to their communities.Love for each other has made Kenken ❤️, lots of networking, knowledge, sharing experiences, learning each other, eating drinking sleep together. It seems like we’ve been 10 years since we knew each other.We even let out in other communities learned a lot from the youth of Jacmel home, eager to learn, grow, serve their communities. And this has shown us more ENPETENSE EXCHANJ KOMINOTS have JACKET in different communities in the country, especially each one living a different reality. It’s important to network, make them meet to trade, learn from each other, grow together…We would like to thank all the Les Amis Du Success team for making great sacrifices to receive us in the community during these 3 days:I’m sorry with ⤵️Francois JosueÉconomiste Clebentong AnacacisAntoine WilsonShelda ToussaintLeev Keynes Leif DarcisRalf-Barry AlexandreVladimir Réparateur D’ordinateursGuillaume Jean-MaryMagdala CelestinJB BlancoRosemila JeudyFleurette GedeonJhon anacasisPetion MhotiereThank you to Sir for making ESPAS available to receive us.We know there were more young people who wanted to accompany us when we were going to KAY JAKM metrol. But unfortunately it was difficult to have more people accompany us.Next time, we hope to have more logistics to go with more Juniors coming from different communities in POTOPWENS and other areas to RANKONTRE and ECHANJE and other Juniors across the country.Let’s stay connected for our future activities across the country.


Istwa nou yo bèl men prezan nou mande reflechi…

Les amis du succès Cayes-Jacmel te gen chans mennen nou vizite “Ancienne usine hydroélectrique Gaillard” ki twouve li nan Komin Kay Jakmèl,

Listwa rakonte se premye sistèm ki pwodwi kouran avek dlo nan rejyon Karayib la, ki twouve li nan Komin Cayes-Jacmel.

Se poutèt sa li te toujou di ke premye kote ki te gen kouran elektrik nan Zòn Karayib la te Jakmèl, Ayiti.